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Interestingly, I am teaching a course on Dietrich Bonhoeffer at my church (Cathedral of the Incarnation in Garden City NY). Bonhoeffer, in his book Discipleship spoke of the difference between cheap and costly grace: the latter is just showing up, going through the motions, talking all the Jesus talk, and then behaving in an Un-Christian, or indifferently Christian way. Costly grace requires one to live the Beatitudes and Antinomies in the Sermon on the Mount without excuse or hesitation. If Kanye can manage to do that without being, well, Kanye, then good for him and glory to God. I have my doubts but stranger things have happenned. (I will look to see if the braggadocio goes away and him giving away his fortune: they will be clear signs he means it.) I am more concerned with those Christians, like Trump’s religious guru Paula White, who are idolators pure and simple. At this point, I think that pretty much covers most suburban Catholics and Evangelical Protestants who worship the United States and its aspirational Fuhrer. Bonhoeffer has become essential reading nowadays. Which is not necessarily cause for comfort.

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Writer, philosopher, information technologist,guitarist, neurotic, polite radical, avid and indiscriminate reader, Episcopalian, trans woman.

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